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At Sea to Sky Orthopaedics we are concerned about growing waitlists that delay access to local orthopaedic assessment and surgery. We are also concerned about the difficulty some primary care physicians are having accessing timely advanced imaging, such as MRI. As a team, we are making an effort to modify our thinking and approach to patient care so that we are able to provide more timely and effective service

In an effort to reduce waiting times for musculoskeletal assessment, initiate earlier therapy, expedite access to imaging, streamline surgical assessment and develop a multidisciplinary approach to orthopaedic care, we have created the Sea to Sky Orthopaedics Group that works with primary care sports medicine physicians and physio therapists with a special interest in orthopaedics.

The Sea to Sky Orthopaedics Group works together to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to optimizing and expediting orthopaedic care. We hope this group will grow in both number of sport medicine trained practitioners and locations throughout the Sea to Sky corridor in the future.

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