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A physician referral is required by the British Columbia medical services plan (MSP) to see an Orthopaedic Specialist. Any physician may fax a referral on behalf of a patient to our office at fax number (604) 905-4073. Referrals are reviewed and prioritized by Dr. Brooks-Hill/Dr. Clark. Our office assistant will call the patient directly to organize an appointment time when it comes available.

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To do prior to your appointment:

  • Submit our Sea to Sky Orthopaedic History form to our office (see  “History Form pdf” below) 
  • Complete all X-ray views recommended by Dr. Brooks-Hill and Dr. Clark (our office will help coordinate x-rays)
  • Submit your Medical records from any previous surgeries (ie. operative reports and consultations related to your condition) to our office (see “Request for Medical Records pdf” below)
  • Call the Sea to Sky Orthopaedics Office (604-905-4075) with updated personal information ie. Phone number, address, name of family doctor etc.

Please bring with you to each appointment:

  • Health card
  • Details of any other personal/private medical coverage plans
  • Sleeveless shirt for upper body examinations/Shorts for lower body examinations
  • Updated personal information ie. Phone number, address, name of family doctor etc.
  • Films, CD copies of images or reports for any tests taken relating to your current physical condition (please note that the actual images are required in addition to the reports).
  • List of medications including vitamins, supplements etc. (if applicable)
  • Translator, if necessary (medical terminology may be used and fluent English or French is required)

History Form PDF
» Please print out this Sea to Sky Orthopaedics History form,
complete it in full detail and return by snail mail or by fax.

Request for Medical Records PDF
You may be able to obtain your medical records (operative and consultation reports relating to your injury) by calling your doctor(s)' office and asking them to fax the reports to our office. Some offices may require a release or request for medical records.  Please find below a request for medical records form that may be printed, signed and faxed to your surgeon.  You are responsible for providing your medical records to our office prior to your appointment.

Fax: (604) 905-4073
Mail: Sea to Sky Orthopaedics #350-4370 Lorimer Road, Whistler B.C. V0N 1B4

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Physiotherapists, physical trainers, Kinesiologists, bracing specialists, cast technicians and technologists, chiropractors and naturopathic doctors are all specialists in the field of health care. You may be consulting or referred for consultation with any of these specialists during the course of your injury management. Dr. Brooks-Hill and Dr. Clark like to ensure a coordinated effort between all of these providers. Please ask our office to copy your medical reports to anyone involved in your care. Likewise, we would appreciate having other practitioner’s opinions or notes for Dr. Brooks-Hill and Dr Clark’s reference.  This information could be faxed to the Sea to Sky Orthopaedics office at (604) 905-4073.