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Sea to Sky Orthopaedics is hiring

Sea to Sky Orthopaedics is hiring!

Our surgeons are looking for an executive assistant. If you are interested, please contact the office via phone or email.

Welcome to Sea to Sky Orthopaedics
Dr. Alex Brooks-Hill
Dr. Sally Clark

This website is designed to give you information to guide you through your orthopaedic care. This website is not a tool for diagnosis and should not be used in lieu of medical attention.

Our Goal
At Sea to Sky Orthopaedics it is our mission to provide our community with a well-rounded approach to orthopaedic health. We will demonstrate this by building a work environment that will create opportunities to provide exceptional and balanced care. » Read more

ACL Injury Prevention
• ACL Injury Prevention is a passion of ours at Sea to Sky Orthopaedics
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STS Mobility
• Sea to Sky (STS) Mobility is a Squamish-based orthopaedic equipment distribution company.
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Alex Brooks-HillDr. Alex Brooks-Hill,
Orthopaedic Surgeon, BPHE MD FRCSC (ortho) DipSportMed

Sally ClarkDr. Sally Clark,

Orthopaedic Surgeon, MD MHA FRCSC (ortho)

Dr. Alex Brooks-Hill and Dr. Sally Clark are orthopaedic surgeons with subspecialty training in arthroscopic sports medicine and athletic injuries. They provide urgent orthopaedic assessment and are working to increase access to local urgent and elective surgery within the sea to sky corridor. Athletic shoulder and knee injuries are of particular interest to both surgeons as they also seek to remain athletically involved with the sea to sky community throughout their lifetimes. Dr. Brooks-Hill and Dr. Clark are both clinical instructors in the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of British Columbia.

Giving Back to Our Communities...

Helping patients in the Sea to Sky Corridor access local orthopaedic care is our priority and increasing our capacity to fix bones “at home” is part of our mission. For information on supporting orthopaedic surgery in the Sea to Sky Corridor, please click here.

Orthopaedic Educational Rounds

In conjunction with community partners, Dr. Alex Brooks-Hill coordinates orthopaedic educational rounds for health care practitioners in the Sea to Sky corridor.
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